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Aidan Fitzpatrick by Aidan Fitzpatrick

July 2012 update: whilst Aidan remains personally interested in helping early-stage entrepreneurs, we now focus exclusively on our own products and companies. The original post is left below.

Reincubate is a virtual technology incubator. We solve diverse and complex business requirements with technology, keeping solutions as simple as possible. We are entrepreneur-friendly and can assist with proof of concept or prototyping through to product delivery. In the last 18 months we have relocated two data-centres, moved a warehouse and call-centre, managed an ERP migration, developed a number of prototypes for entrepreneurs and been heavily involved in several due diligence processes.

Reincubate is privately owned. It has a small team of experienced domain partners, each scaling involvement to fit requirements. Like any incubator, we try not to get too involved with more than a few clients in each phase. Often we provide services through virtual, interim or contract CTO placement.

What is a virtual technology incubator?

An incubator accelerates growth of early-stage entrepreneurial companies, offering a selection of managed resources and services both directly and through a network. They typically serve only selected clients, providing operational and fund-raising advice. Virtual incubators operate without the need for incubated companies to be located in the same physical environment.

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