iPhone backup extractor for PC

Aidan Fitzpatrick by Aidan Fitzpatrick

UPDATE: iPhone Backup Extractor now features encrypted iTunes backups and Mac OS X support!

If you've found you have the need to retrieve files from an iPhone backup but cannot, you might want to have a look at our iPhone Backup Extractor. It works well on Windows and Linux, and can rapidly retrieve backed-up pictures, AppStore apps, SMSes, and the rest.

iPhone Backup Extractor: select files to restore

iPhone Backup Extractor now features encrypted iTunes backups and Mac OS X support!

We are continuously enhancing our iPhone Backup Extractor software, to support newer models of iPhone, iPad and iPod devices as well as all versions of iOS, including beta releases.

The software now allows you to open encrypted iTunes backups easily and quickly with its Professional Edition.

And if that is not a big news, we have more to come: iPhone Backup Extractor is available for Mac OS X users as a .dmg installer file. Download the Mac version of the iPhone Backup Extractor or read more on product updates, howtos and tips and tricks on our iPhone Backup Extractor Blog Page.

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