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Catalin Nichita
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Catalin Nichita by Catalin Nichita

These are the fixes and feature improvements made this week by the Reincubate team:


iPhone Backup Extractor release, 18th March 2016

  • Added support for Hike Messenger.
  • Added support for new Line version.
  • Added support for new Viber version.
  • Fixed an issue with album extraction of photos and videos.
  • Added deleted field to CSV when extracting messages.
  • Fixed an issue making Viber preview images show black.
  • Fixed counter of WhatsApp messages.
  • Moved Password Panel of encrypted backups out of the overview tab on Mac.
  • Improved icon scaling on high-DPI screens.
  • Changed Photo Stream download button location.
  • Added iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 device icons.
  • Other minor improvements.


iCloud API a81ff42 deploy, 17th Mar 2016

  • Fixed errors retrieving Facebook feed data.
  • Fixed issue where sessions could be expired sooner than expected.
  • Fixed error on file and feed download with concurrent sessions for the same account.

iCloud API be3c3a8 deploy, 15th Mar 2016

  • Fixed issue where the entire feed could be empty if any error occurred on one of the data types.
  • Added new CloudKit Browser History module.

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