Week 7 '16/'17 release notes

Catalin Nichita
Posted by Catalin Nichita
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Catalin Nichita by Catalin Nichita

These are the fixes and feature improvements made this week by the Reincubate team:


iPhone Backup Extractor release, 16th May 2016

  • Improved WhatsApp messages counter
  • Fixed HTML extraction of Notes with non-English characters
  • Improved vCards extraction by folders
  • Improved Hike messages extraction to .CSV

iPhone Backup Extractor release, 19th May 2016

  • Fixed deleted messages issue in “Preview” mode
  • Improved visibility of download button in Windows
  • Improved SMS counter for deleted messages in “Preview” mode


iCloud API acbfa61 deploy, 19th May 2016

  • Improved iCloud Photo Library extraction
  • Unify documentation on all messaging apps and document optional fields
  • Return group information for Kik group messages

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