We offer a number of advertising, data and research services across our portfolio of sites and applications.

Our network

Reincubate runs a number of high growth, high engagement sites, including the Keep Calm-o-matic and awdit. Our largest audiences are PC enthusiasts, young creatives, and forensic specialists.

Our sites serve more than 6.5 million impressions and more than 2 million unique visitors per month

We can provide a closely targeted tech-savvy global audience with more than four minutes per visit on some sites. If you're interested to learn more about what we can do, please contact us.

What we can do

  • Site banner units on a CPM basis
  • Display advertising
  • Advertorials and sponsored content
  • Channel sponsorship (brand-sponsored categories)
  • Facebook channel advertising
  • Affiliate opportunities for drop-ship customised product
  • Hardware and software penetration, usage data & research

Some of the sites in our portfolio

Keep Calm-o-matic

Keep Calm-o-matic

  • Popular social poster creation site



  • Software and driver update resource site



  • Free foreign exchange site

iPlayerConverter provides browsable schedules and Listen Again listings for BBC radio programming, including links to stream audio in RealAudio format

  • BBC iPlayer radio streaming service