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iPhone Backup Extractor supports Apple Watch data access for consumers.

Apple Watch data available for developers via ricloud API.

User data or content is rarely generated via the Apple Watch alone, however, system settings and backups can be particularly useful for analysing historical data.

Integrating Apple Watch data into your platform can significantly increase the reach of your addressable market, if you plan on serving not only smartphone users, but smart devices customers as well.

The iPhone Backup Extractor provides ready access to Apple Watch data for consumers, and the Reincubate Cloud Data API provides programmatic access to this data.

Apple Watches

Working with Apple  Watch data

Here's a sample of the format the ricloud API uses to provide Watch data:

  "name": "Watch",
  "serial": "Unkown",
  "color": "#3",
  "system_version": "3.1.3",
  "paired_date": {
    "hour": 15,
    "minute": 30,
    "second": 22,
    "microsecond": 53594,
    "tzinfo": null,
    "year": 2017,
    "month": 2,
    "day": 10
  "installed_apps": [
      "name": "Camera",
      "author": "Apple",
      "bundleId": ""
  "related_file_ids": [
  "folderguid": "45686542-E2A9-45A4-B9D8-26AC9FE8A449",
  "related_data": [

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