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Andrew Dancy by Andrew Dancy

On Wednesday I was at the first of the Bootlaw sessions (also known as the 'Barry and Danvers show'). Bootlaw is a fantastic new idea from Barry Vitou and Danvers Baillieu from City law firm Winston & Strawn, offering legal tips to startups, along with lashings of beer and pizza! This first session covered NDAs and termsheets - both of which are key documents that startups are likely to encounter quite early on in their business life.

Barry and Danvers are able to turn what could be quite complex subjects into clear and easy to understand language, and I look forward to future talks. You can find out more about Bootlaw at their website. As well as the practical knowledge gained at these sort of events they can also be a good way to bump into like-minded people.

With over 30 people attending the first session we see future Bootlaw events as being a good way both to learn useful information and network with other startups and entrepreneurs. I was particularly intrigued by a number of non-profit and social enterprise startups that seem to be evolving - more on that in a future post. The event was covered by the good people at Newspepper, so video and/or pictures of the event should be available in the near future.

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