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Andrew Dancy
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Andrew Dancy by Andrew Dancy

We've just launched version 3 of our award-winning iPhone Backup Extractor software. For those of you not familiar with the iPhone Backup Extractor, it provides a way to recover information from the iPhone or iPad backup files that are automatically created when you sync your device with iTunes.

"But what use is that?", I hear you ask. Well if you lose or damage your phone then the only official way to recover the lost information is to sync your new phone. But in order to do this you've first got to buy a new phone and then hope that the restore process works properly (which is by no means guaranteed). And what if you've already got information on the new phone that you wish to keep (the Apple restore process wipes out anything already on the device)?

In those cases your only hope is to recover critical data from an existing iPhone backup file. And that's where the iPhone Backup Extractor comes in. Since we launched the software in early 2009 we've helped thousands of people to recover data ranging from priceless family photos to business-critical contact data.

And with our latest update we've now added location extraction. If you've been following the recent newspaper reports then you'll know that it's been discovered that iPhone devices keep a record of where they've been. With iPhone Backup Extractor 3 you can retrieve this information as a KML file which can then be imported into Google Earth. Why not give it a go - you may be surprised just how accurate it can be!

As always you can download the iPhone Backup Extractor for FREE from http://www.iphonebackupextractor.com.

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