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Encrypted iTunes backup information can now be accessed!

Back in 2008, Reincubate shipped its first commercial product - the iPhone Backup Extractor - the market's first publicly available application to help people recover data from iOS iTunes backups. The software is used to read iTunes backups when the iTunes restore process is not successful, to recover data after losing a phone or corrupting a backup, after accidentally deleting data from the iPhone, iPad or iPod device, when an iOS update process fails or simply for viewing data extracted from an encoded iTunes backup.

iPhone Backup Extractor Pro License

The company has enhanced the software on a regular basis to support newer models of the iPhone, iPad and iPod devices and all versions of iOS, including beta releases. The iPhone Backup Extractor has been a strong success, helping home users and businesses around the world to recover data from thousands of backups. In response to recent overwhelming customer demand, a professional version for law enforcement, investigators, companies and home users to recover data from ENCRYPTED iTUNES BACKUPS was made a priority. Hence, it gives the Reincubate team great pleasure to announce today the official release of the iPhone Backup Extractor Professional.

“Our users' privacy and data protection security is very important to us. We always listen to our users' needs and when they asked for encrypted backup support, we answered.”, comments Andy Coles, Reincubate Head of Marketing & Customer Service.

The iPhone Backup Extractor Professional allows users to open encrypted iTunes backups easily and quickly. Available for only 99.95 USD (84.95 EURO, 64.95 GBP) through the iPhone Backup Extractor website, it is Windows and iOS 6 compatible. The iPhone Backup Extractor has been licensed by organisations including The US Department of Justice, The Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center, The US Army & US Marines, The LA District Attorney's Office, and NASA. For more information about the product or to download the free iPhone Backup Extractor version, please visit www.iphonebackupextractor.com.


You can read the full press-release here. Enjoy the new iPhone Backup Extractor Professional and let us know your thoughts on the new enhancements.


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