Check out the new iPhone Backup Extractor 4.5.1!

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Reset Restrictions PIN, extract WhatsApp chats and edit PList files

The iPhone Backup Extractor version 4.5.1 was released and we have made heaps of changes that will make life easier for iPhone and iPad users! The improvements made in our new version include automatic Restrictions PIN recovery, .plist editor, WhatsApp messages extraction and improved support for corrupt encrypted backups.

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Reset your Restrictions PIN with the iPhone Backup Extractor automatically

Lost or forgot your Restrictions passcode? No longer do you need to factory reset or change your phone! The iPhone Backup Extractor will reset the PIN to "1234" on un-encrypted iTunes backups of all iOS with just a single click! Just:

  1. Make an un-encrypted backup of your device OR remove encryption
  2. Load your iTunes backup with the iPhone Backup Extractor
  3. In the "Extract" menu, select "Restrictions PIN" and reset the code
  4. Restore your backup to your device

How to save WhatsApp messages to your computer

Many users have contacted us asking for a way to extract WhatsApp messages and save them to their computer. We have heard their voice and added automatic WhatsApp chats extraction. No longer do you have to jailbreak your iPhone or restore the device as new so you can have your precious chats! Give it a try and see how easy it is to have all those sent and received WhatsApp messages on your desktop.

Improved support for encrypted and corrupt iTunes backups

We have also revamped our application to give improved support to our users who are dealing with corrupt encrypted iTunes backups. So if you are having trouble restoring your backup and you desperately need to retrieve data from a corrupt encrypted backup, use the iPhone Backup Extractor. The software will recover any data that exists in the iTunes backup, directing you to our team of backup specialists if it detects an incomplete encrypted backup.

New design and improved extraction functionality

The iPhone Backup Extractor version 4.5.1 also has a new,design with improved functionality and make working with iTunes backups easier. The iPhone Backup Extractor has new perks:

  • Extracted files now keep the original date and time they were created on the device
  • Extracted data is saved into individual directories for each category (contacts, SMS, photos, etc.)
  • Choose only once the output folder to make your work easier
  • Improved extraction process for incomplete and corrupt iTunes backups

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