Week 4 '16/'17 release notes

Catalin Nichita
Posted by Catalin Nichita
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Catalin Nichita by Catalin Nichita

These are the feature improvements and fixes made this week by the Reincubate team:


iPhone Backup Extractor release, 28th April 2016

  • Changes to nag screen links
  • Show more appropriate device images
  • Some fixes for iCloud progress bar
  • New app icons and in Windows 10 start menu


iCloud API abbdde9 deploy, 29th April 2016

  • Added organisation information on contacts feed
  • New conversation_id field on WhatsApp feed
  • New contact and group_contacts field on WhatsApp feed
  • Fixed issues on contact extraction
  • Fixed issues on WhatsApp extraction
  • Speed up SMS undeletion

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