Week 48 release notes

Catalin Nichita
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Catalin Nichita by Catalin Nichita

These are the fixes and the feature improvements made this week by the Reincubate team:


iPhone Backup Extractor release, 2nd March 2016

  • Fixed FormatException while extracting contacts.
  • Fixed ChangeType to a null value (Kik extraction).
  • Fixed no actor/group found in a viber message.
  • Added support for the new Kik db file.
  • Fixed Kik video preview attachments being shown as a sunflower.
  • Fixed voicemail date/number not correct in the .csv file.
  • Improvements on Windows DPI scaling (no high resolution pics included).
  • Copy change in license form: 'per license'.
  • Added Line support.


iCloud API 2e6a3a4 deploy, 4th March 2016

  • Fixed issue extracting data from Line’s latest version.

iCloud API 6c6287e deploy, 2nd March 2016

  • Added new data type file_list which returns a list of file_ids with the files the client has access to.
  • Added new data type snapchat.

iCloud API e37dc17 deploy, 29th February 2016

  • Added file_path field to photos extraction.

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