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Here's a look at what we've recently improved, added, fixed or documented for our Reincubate products: the iPhone Backup Extractor desktop software and the Reincubate iCloud API (ricloud API) we power.

November 2017

November 7th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

Another day, another release. has a bunch of handy things:

  • Fix: Modifying backups is now even more robust.
  • Fix: PDF extraction of data is more robust than ever -- and faster, too!
  • Fix: We'd accidentally broken support for macOS 10.10 in an earlier build. Sorry! We have fixed it.

November 6th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

Today's fix is a simple performance update. Enjoy!

  • Fix: Further improved performance of overview.

October 2017

October 31st, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

We've a spooky new update for you today, with a small handful of changes.

  • Improvement: We capture more diagnostic information when something goes awry.
  • Fix: Improved support for backup modification.
  • Fix: We've sped up creation of PDFs, and reduced the amount of memory that the process takes.

October 26th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

Another day, another build! Today we've shipped a bunch of small tweaks to further enhance the iPhone Backup Extractor. We've something exciting around the corner that we're paving the way for.

  • Improvement: We now provide UID in exports of calendar data.
  • Fix: We capture slightly more diagnostic data around corrupt backups.
  • Fix: We've upgraded the .NET library bootstrap from 4.0 to 4.6.0. This probably won't mean much for you, unless you're one of our Windows Vista users.
  • Fix: We've tidied up a few more areas of memory use.

October 24th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

We’ve just released another lovely build. This has a handful of smaller updates.

  • Improvement: We now use less memory than ever when exporting data to PDF
  • Fix: Even more robust support for curiously formed notes
  • Fix: The application is now more robust when something goes wrong on macOS

October 19th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

Today's release is a macOS-only maintenance release, helping us to improve the robustness of the application.

  • Improvement: We now gather crash reports for native crashes.

October 10th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

Another Tuesday, another release. Today’s release brings a number of neat enhancements and fixes.

  • Improvement: We've shipped many enhancements to memory and disk use over the last month or so, and we've done yet more. Today's build should get your data even faster from encrypted backups.
  • Improvement: Now we show InstallDomain in a neat way in expert mode.
  • Improvement: We've added richer device names for the backup details section.
  • Fix: In our eagerness to enhance notes in our release, we introduced a curious Unicode issue. Now it's fixed.
  • Fix: We've fixed a handful of issues when working with unusual iOS 8 backups, and with a few flavours of iOS 4. Remember that? We do!

October 3rd, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

This Tuesday brings our next release, which is all about improving user experiences. We’ve made improvements to iCloud interaction, to iPhone 8 and X support, and to memory handling. This afternoon the team are off to Mansion House to meet the Lord Mayor of London on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, as part of Reincubate winning a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

  • Improvement: Several important enhancements made for iCloud access to improve robustness of downloads.
  • Improvement: We’ve reduced the amount of memory that the iPhone Backup Extractor requires when exporting data to CSV format.
  • Fix: We’ve added a small fix for some minor differences in data formats that we’ve observed from the iPhone 8. Dig that glass back!

September 2017

September 27th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

Today’s release brings a host of goodies and improvements to the iPhone Backup Extractor on both Windows and macOS. What’s new?

  • Improvement: Copy-to-clipboard support for a whole bunch of extra fields.
  • Improvement: Timezones! We've made a number of enhancements to normalise times in data from apps which store it with or without daylight saving or timezone modifiers.
  • Improvement: Did you ever wonder why the app didn't have a "Windows" menu on macOS? Wonder no more: accessibility improved.
  • Fix: We resolved an issue triggered by some formats of visual voicemail.
  • Fix: Our export PDFs had some issues with international characters, which we've now resolved. We've made the process faster, too.

September 18th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

We’re back to our usual combined Windows and macOS updates, and today’s is a good ‘un. Sometimes we need to say goodbye to the past, and this release officially drops support for macOS 10.7. It’s to old for us to readily support with our pace of changes. 1771 — as we like to call this new release — includes the following:

  • Feature: You can now right-click backups shown in the left-hand menu to easily reveal their folder in Windows Explorer or macOS Finder. Neat!
  • Improvement: The macOS overview pane uses our newer look, making the overview of available data easier to digest.
  • Improvement: Scrolling through photo previews is much faster on macOS, and resizing the application’s window doesn’t interfere with them.
  • Improvement: Support for Viber 7.5’s new message format.
  • Fix: If you’re a fan of the alphabet you’ll love the more rigorous alphabetical sorting of content in expert mode.
  • Fix: Non-Latin characters were sometimes coming out garbled in extracted notes. This is now fixed.
  • Fix: Backup editing was breaking in a number of situations. Now it isn’t. Hurrah!
  • Fix: No long shall extracting calendar entries from encrypted backups take up so much disk space.

September 14th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

This afternoon brings a minor update. Usually we ship updates for Windows and macOS together, but today's build is just for Windows.

  • Improvement: Better detection of problems on Windows.

September 11th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

Nary a week’s passed and we have another update for Windows and macOS. This release smooths some things out behind the scenes and tidies up a number of interface and experience elements.

  • Improvement: iCloud ribbon looks a lot better on Windows.
  • Improvement: "Preferences" and "About" dialog on macOS look a little smarter
  • Improvement: Extraneous terms and copyright removed from the main window.
  • Fix: Curious artefacts removed from expert mode whilst loading.
  • Fix: Ever found resizing the app a little fiddly on Windows? Now it isn’t. Resize away!
  • Fix: We reworked a fundamental part of the app that makes things much more robust when adding and removing accounts, activation and backup locations.

September 5th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

We’ve just released another update for both Windows and macOS. No new features in this build: we’ve focused on performance improvements and bugfixes. Enjoy it!

  • Improvement: Things are faster than ever! Zoom or ZOMG?
  • Improvement: Library and Mobile Device domains are shown with friendlier names
  • Fix: We do more to use less… memory. No need for that extra RAM.
  • Fix: Stopped SMS attachments from creating “ghost” deleted messages.
  • Fix: Clicking retry on macOS no longer has the possibility to make the app freeze. Sorry, that drove us crazy.
  • Fix: Stopped the previewer from being deselected on macOS whilst things were still loading.

August 2017

August 31st, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

Hot on the heels of last week's release, here's another update, this time concentrating on photos and WhatsApp.

  • Feature: Working with encrypted backups is now a lot faster. Quick, create more data!
  • Fix: Prevented photo extraction from eating too much disk space.
  • Fix: Straightened out a potential crash when extracting photos and videos.
  • Fix: "The specified path is too long?" Oh no! But not any more, we fixed this one.
  • Fix: The "iCloud is sleeping" message doesn't incorrectly pop up from some "contact us" links.
  • Fix: Fixed many unusual crash situations. Situate yourself how you'd like!
  • Fix: Images handled much better in extraction of regular and undeleted content.
  • Fix: Encrypted backup size is now shown smartly for macOS backups.

August 21st, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

This last week team RI were off for a picnic in the park, and we shipped with a whole list of speed and reliability enhancements. You'll see the next few builds going to make the application more robust than ever.

  • Improvement: All left hand navigation items are expanded by default.
  • Improvement: We've updated the lovely README file that gets installed with the Windows version of the app.
  • Fix: The encrypted backup password box did some funny flickering whilst encrypted backups were being loaded.
  • Fix: Scrolling through images in the preview was funky on some Macs. We fixed it.
  • Fix: It was possible for one state from the iCloud API to upset the app. No longer!
  • Fix: Recovery of undeleted messages could take a lot of memory, and sometimes more than a user had. Memory usage on undeleted is nice and smooth now.
  • Fix: There was a styling error that sometimes hid contact names in group messages when exported to HTML. There isn't any more!
  • Fix: A nasty calendar extraction problem for pre-iOS 8 builds had crept in. We excised it.
  • Fix: Our KML exports were technically valid but Google Earth wasn't happy with them. resolves this.

August 9th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

  • Improvements: Faster backup loading speed.
  • Improvements: Split AppGroups and AppPlugins from Application domains.
  • Fix: Fixed Error 17. Yeah, we didn't like it either.
  • Fix: Our “about” dialog has a +10% prettiness bonus.

August 4th, 2017, ricloud API

  • Improvements: RiCloud v2.2.1: Added database connection management to the asmaster listener. This way the listener tries to recover from a dropped database connection.

July 2017

July 20th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

  • Improvements: Improve iTunes data access for offline backups and provide access to more data.
  • Improvements: We've enhanced our iTunes functionality with a number of speed fixes.

  • June 2017

    June 19th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor released

    • Improvements: Support for iOS 11 Calendar, Messages and Notes.

    June 13th, 2017, ricloud API

    • New feature: The ricloud API now fully supports iOS11 beta iCloud backup access and data extraction.

    May 2017

    May 2nd, 2017, ricloud API

    • New feature: Major API update to restore iCloud access, following Apple’s changes of April 28th.
    • Improvements: Applied to the legacy iCloud API, `asapi` and `asmaster`.

    April 2017

    Apr 26th, 2017, ricloud API

    • New feature: Massive update to 2.1.0.
    • New feature: New manager mode for use with asmaster.
    • New feature: New listen mode to automate stream listening.
    • Improvements: Many, many updates to the documentation across all of the projects (see

    April 24th, 2017, ricloud API

    • New feature: New API to manage scheduled polling.
    • Improvements: Clever things to minimize locking.

    Apr 21st, 2017, ricloud API

    • Improvements: Added proxy segmentation mechanism and management interface, segments here we come.

    Apr 12th, 2017, ricloud API

    • Improvements: Part of the caching mechanism and the tokenization logic has been rewrote, hello Spring.
    • Improvements: Avoiding duplicate record requests through minimized record fetching operations.

    Apr 7th, 2017, ricloud API

    • Improvements: Greater use of tokenized requests via improved auth procedure.

    Apr 4th, 2017, ricloud API

    • New feature: iOS 10.3.1 becomes the new official iOS. With betas and official iOSs dropping so fast it is good to have a friend like iPhone Backup Extractor and the Reincubate Cloud API, cos we got support for them all.
    • New feature: Added full support for iOS 10.3.2 beta. On all backup formats for all supported data categories. Booyow.

    Apr 3rd, 2017, ricloud API

    • Bug fix: Fix bug in file handler which was causing files that appeared in multiple snapshots to be replaced by their older versions.

    March 2017

    Mar 31st, 2017, ricloud API

    • New feature: We have full iOS 10.3 support for iCloud backups. If you updated your iOS and you're worried about data recovery; then fear not young padawan because we got you, we got you.

    Mar 24th, 2017, ricloud API

    • Bug fix: We fixed a really annoying bug with iCloud Photo Library which was causing photos to appear with a large amount of grey covering most of the image. I mean seriously, grey!

    Mar 22nd, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.4.8.1593

    • New feature: Extract as PDF. The extract format family is finally complete. Now you can extract data from any chat app (including iOS native apps) in glorious PDF. Pretty Doggone Fine.
    • Improvements: Extract menu options now include the same icons as the File menu options. It is all about a consistent look and feel for the product.
    • Bug fix: Fixed a bug in the offline activation window which made the activation button invisible when the key was pasted in. Now, the activation button is easier to see than a dog on stilts.

    Mar 10th, 2017, ricloud API

    • New feature: Apple Watch support. Timed to perfection.
    • Improvements: We updated Viber. Some changes made at Viber meant we couldn't recover messages; the data moved to a new location. We found the new location and we invite you to the party.
    • Improvements: Deleted notes are now identified as deleted. Previously you couldn't tell which were deleted and which weren't. Now, all of the notes are correctly named which will make identification easier.
    • Bug fix: Fixed a bug that occurred when receiving date values before 1900. If you tried to recover historical data then everything would crash. Now you could pull a dinosaur's selfie without causing any problem.
    • Bug fix: Squished all the bugs for calendar, contacts, installed_apps and photos_v2.

    Mar 3rd, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.4.7.1582

    • New feature: Added Apple Watch OS 3 support. The first time anyone has had WatchOS support.
    • New feature: We added a sample data iCloud account for John Appleseed. We added this for users of Free and Basic plans so they could get a taste of the full iPhone Backup Extractor experience. You can follow the story of John and Jane from young lovers to married couple. See their photos, watch their videos, read about Tommy the wonder dog; what happened at the vet? However, if you don't want to see this data then you will be able to switch it off via the help menu or the iCloud accounts window.
    • Bug fix: For years now a mystery deleted note has haunted the Notes recovery process. Today we exorcised it. In the past you would see the note from 01/01/2001 whenever your recovered notes from any backup. It has finally been laid to rest, and you will only recover your own, familiar notes from now on.

    February 2017

    Feb 23rd, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.4.6.1571.

    • Improvements: We changed the Mac installer to a gorgeous one that even looks good on retina. We don't want to oversell it but it's prettier than the Mona Lisa.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with the reloading of iCloud backups. If you downloaded one data category then that would be the only data you would see; even after downloading more. Now you will see all of your downloaded data.
    • Operations: The iPhone Backup Extractor is now notifying updates to v7.4.6.1563, because we care and v7.4.6.1563 is the cat's pajamas.

    Feb 22nd, 2017, ricloud API

    • New feature: iOS 10.3 Beta support is fresh out of the oven. Because we care.
    • New feature: We added some new feeds locations, tinder_messages, snapchat_stories, voicemail, recordings and videos. This means easy access to more data and we're going to save you some time by providing a nice summary of the available data.
    • New feature: We also added a new photos feed. This will add albums, greater photo discovery, and some additional metadata.
    • New feature: We have more dedicated metadata options. So far, we added count but we have more planned. The information retrieval process will get faster, and faster.
    • Improvements: We sped up the ASChannel's published speeds. Faster data delivery is always good.
    • Operations: We brought updates to most of the feed extractors which means more speed and more data. We making the iCloud rain data with this release.

    Feb 17th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.4.6.1563

    • New feature: Added support for Watch OS 2. Whoop, whoop!
    • Improvements: Added a recommendation about encrypting your backup. This is just a friendly message to encourage users to think about their data security. Our iOS experts love to talk about data security.
    • Improvements: Viber changed their database locations which meant that iCloud messages were not being recovered for the latest Viber version. You can now recover Viber messages after we coxed the database out with cookies and chocolate.
    • Operations: Made improvements to the force update which will push all users to the latest iPhone Backup Extractor. Because we <3 all our users, and we want you to enjoy the best of what the software can offer.:)

    Feb 16th, 2017, ricloud API

    • New Feature: Increased the business device limit to 25. Previously business licenses had 20 devices. This will be retroactive and all valid business licenses will be bumped up to 25. Who loves ya baby?
    • Improvements: Started using different utilities to move traffic through dedicated secure channels. This should see a huge increase in the amount of requests that the server can receive and complete. For enterprise customers this means faster data delivery.
    • Improvements: Tweaked large file responses to make more use of the communication from the servers. This should make the delivery of large files more consistent.
    • Operations: Tweaked the data transfer sizes and publish speeds so the server doesn't get overrun and need a long holiday on a beach somewhere.
    • Operations: Split redis between result stream ASCHANNEL_STREAM_REDIS and ASChannel utils ASCHANNEL_UTILS_REDIS. Result stream interacts with the other end of the secure channel.
    • Operations: Switched to using a single machine to do both stream reading and request handling. This means that if there is a server problem then we will be able to switch to a standby without human intervention. It will mean the end of file access bottlenecks and significantly reduced wait time for data transfer. End result: much better and more stable performance.

    Feb 14th, 2017, ricloud API

    • Improvements: Added `CONN_MAX_AGE` database setting to make better use of connections.

    Feb 13th, 2017, ricloud API

    • Bug fix: A puppet was caught sleeping on one of the nodes which affected the error handling. We now feed the puppet coffee and everything is working correctly.

    Feb 10th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.4.4.1552

    • New feature: We are happy to be the first iCloud recovery software that can help you recover Tinder messages. You will find it in the Preview window along with Photos, Messages, WhatsApp, Viber and others. If you accidentally delete a message, or worse yet, the entire app. You can simply click on the Tinder icon to review any messages in your backup. We will continue to look for ways to improve Tinder recovery but this is our Valentine's gift for all of the lovers out there. For more details please read this week’s Tinder themed blog.
    • New feature: We have added iCloud Photo Library which makes the iPhone Backup Extractor the most complete iCloud recovery software on the market. Now you will be able to download all of your photos and videos from all photo library albums (including shared albums). When you login to your iCloud account you will see the all new Photo Library option beneath Photostream (left side pane). To make things easier the entire process is the same as Photostream. Simply click the Download button to recover your entire Photo Library.
    • Improvements: For Windows users we have also updated the folder browsers to make them more modern. Although this is only a cosmetic change; it is more inline with the look and feel of the software.
    • Bug fix: Especially good news for Windows 8 users with a bug fix that was crashing or hanging the app. Not any more we squashed the bug and you can now return to seamless data extraction.
    • Bug fix: We also fixed the Windows bug which was stopping you from closing the software via the File menu. Older versions would freeze when you used this method to close the app. We’re all tired of freezing this winter, so the fix is in and let spring begin.

    Feb 1st, 2017, ricloud API

    • Operations: Updates to task acknowledgment behaviour. We'll never lose tasks, better experience for our customers and users.

    Feb 1st, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.4.4.1505

    • New feature: Encrypted iTunes backups support in The Basic plan. All of the encrypted backup limitations have been removed. Previously the Basic plan would only let you recover 4 files from an encrypted backup, now you can recover all of your data from an unlimited number of iTunes backups. You asked, we listened. Read all about it in our iPhone Backup Extractor blog post on better experience and new features
    • New feature: The Premium plan enjoys an increase for the iCloud devices to recover iOS data from. 5 iCloud devices supported uplifted from the original 2 iCloud devices, which makes it a better all round option.
    • Improvements: We changed the iTunes encrypted backup icon and added a very foreboding padlock; it beefs up the classic iTunes icon and lets everyone know what’s what. This just to further help you distinguish each backup at a glance without the need for selecting the backup itself.
    • Improvements: We improved the icons in the AppView and removed the meaningless bright blue icon and replaced it with a classy Apple on a gray background. It is really an aesthetic change to make the entire program more consistent in look and feel.
    • Improvements: Mac users will notice The file menu extract by folder option will now opens to the default iTunes backup folder; you don’t need to take the scenic route to your backup folder anymore.
    • Improvements: Windows users, We have continued the hard work on Photo previews in Windows. The Photos should be even quicker again this week, the quest will go on until the Photos are previewed faster than a dog can eat a hamburger.
    • Bug fix: A bug in the file menu was fixed. Previously performing multiple file menu extractions would extract the same data every time regardless of the file selected. It was like something out of a Black Mirror episode. Now using the File menu extraction will extract all the correct data every time, more like an episode of Happy Days. While we were in there we also threw in an extra message box asking you where you want to put the data. This will help you keep all of your recovered data in the one location.
    • Bug fix: iCloud backups with very large files would sometime throw an error called JSON Parse error. Well, not anymore. JSON Parse has officially left the building.
    • Operations: Added full task acknowledgment to the servers which means that if any servers drop out the task will not be lost. This will help keep the iCloud downloads fast, efficient and complete.

    January 2017

    Jan 26th, 2017 iPhone Backup Extractor v7.4.2.1497

    • Improvements: We have improved the File menu convert options. In the past we would ask you to search for the file in the backup. However, in iOS 10 the files are contained in sub-folders which can make the file difficult to find. Now it just makes it all a little bit easier for iOS 10 backups.
    • Improvements: The lists on the left pane of the software (Photo Streams, Devices, Password Needed) now have ‘Show’ and ‘Hide’ buttons at hover. This will avoid clutter on the left and make it easier to see what you want, when you want it. We have implemented this only for Windows users as Mac users had a better experience since some time ago.
    • Improvements: We are working on the speed of Photo previews; displaying all of the images will be getting a little quicker with every release. This week the display time for Photo previews in encrypted backups is a little better. Soon they will be there before you take the photo.
    • Improvements: We have cleaned up the file menu and grouped the similar options into smaller sub-menus to make everything easier. The file menu is a lot cleaner, shorter and organised.
    • Improvements: We updated all of the icons in AppView to the newest and most beautiful icon for each app. They just look so pretty now.
    • Improvements: The file menu has had a busy week. For Windows users, We have added the familiar icons to each of the categories so you can pick the data category just by looking at the icon. I mean, who’s got time to read nowadays anyway.
    • Bug fix: Mac users will be happy when they’ll see We fixed the hovering ‘To avoid incomplete backups disconnect this device before downloading’ warning message. When the iPhone Backup Extractor was resized the message would hover around the middle of the window like a UFO. Now it stays where is should all the time.

    Jan 18th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.4.2.1485

    • Bug fix: We fixed a crash that you got if you moved or deleted an offline iOS backup while having that same iOS backup opened in iPhone Backup Extractor. We now show you a polite error message and allow you to continue with your work.
    • Bug fix: We fixed the iOS 10+ iTunes backups file dates bug; the dates would be shown as 400 years in the past. Now that the timestamp conversion is correct there will be no more pictures from the first performance of Hamlet. That’s a shame.
    • Bug fix: Another time related bug was squashed with iCloud backup times returning to the correct local time. If you would like to continue seeing what time your backup occurred in London then you will need to use a time conversion tool.
    • Bug fix: A bug which stopped users from recovering their photos from iPhone 7 iTunes backups has been fixed. If you were trying to extract in albums then new tables were being added to the database which confused the extractor. Now you can extract all the photos without a problem.
    • Bug fix: We stopped a missing backup file causing a Null Reference Exception crash; we can’t magic up the file, but we can stop the software from crashing. You should receive a gentle message if the file is missing.
    • Bug fix: We fixed the Expert Mode file tree which split branches from SysSharedContainer and SysContainer Domains. A number of folders were being scattered all over the file tree; you will now find that all the folders from these domains are contained in the right location.
    • Operations: We are now limiting the amount of tasks that can be submitted to the server. Essentially is 1000 tasks are ready then we’re not submitting any more. This will help stop backlogs and provide a more efficient experience for all users.

    Jan 17th, 2017, ricloud API

    • New feature: Live call logs are now available. Woop, woop!

    Jan 16th, 2017, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.4.2.1483

    • Improvements: In what is sure to be a popular feature - the iCloud data download - we have added more details to the iCloud download window process. This will give you a better idea of what is happening when the iPhone Backup Extractor is downloading iCloud data. The new information is much clearer and you will see that tasks are being requested, are ready (for download), downloading, or completed. This is particularly helpful for large iOS backups which would otherwise display a (very) slow moving progress bar.
    • Bug fix: We had some users report trouble when trying to right-click on files in Expert Mode for adding, replacing, or deleting files in the backup. There was some debate about whether they were right-clicking in the right way or if their right-clicking was wrong. We have fixed it so that every right-click is the right right-click.
    • Bug fix: We have fixed the bug that was misreporting the times and dates of iCloud files. Dates were being displayed as 19 years in the future (2035), but now everything has returned to normal. No more pictures from 2035 when apes rule the planet, just sit back and watch it unfold in real-time.
    • Bug fix: We fixed a System Overflow Exception bug causing iPhone Backup Extractor to crash when backups wouldn’t report the correct file size.
    • Operations: A minor cosmetic change with an update to the copyright year to 2017. Cos 2016 is over, innit?

    Jan 9th, 2017, ricloud API

    • Improvements: Updates to Calendar, WeChat and SMS extractors. Get your game on!


    Dec 2016

    Dec 16th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.4.2.1472

    • Improvements: Updated plan names and device limits.
    • Improvements: Improved status information when downloading from iCloud.
    • Improvements: Improved reporting for licenses activated offline.

    Dec 8th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.4.1.1469

    • Improvements: Improved data extractions from iTunes iOS 10.1 backups.

    Dec 7th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.4.0.1462

    • Improvements: The iCloud download mechanism has been replaced to make it more reliable, particularly for large backups.

    Dec 1st, 2016, ricloud API fd28d36

    • Improvements: Improved iCloudkit browser history extractor.
    • Improvements: Improved iCloud Photo Library data recvoery.

    Nov 2016

    Nov 11th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.3.7.1428

    • Improvements: Improved password checking mechanism for iTunes iOS 10.2 beta encrypted backups.

    Nov 10th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.3.7.1427

    • Improvements: Added support for iTunes iOS 10.2 beta encrypted backups.

    Nov 10th, 2016, ricloud API a02d867

  • Operations: iCloud account blocking mechanism for fraudulent users added.

  • Oct 2016

    Oct 31st, 2016, ricloud API e880658

    • Improvements: Viber extractor update.
    • Improvements: 3rd part app Call Log integration update for call history extractor.

    Oct 17th, 2016, ricloud API f3fd63c

    • New feature: First version of the new Encrypted Notes extractor added.
    • Bug fix: Minor bug fixes and maintenance across the API.

    Oct 13th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.3.5.1399

    • Improvements: Added support for encrypted backup for the latest iOS 10.1 beta.
    • Improvements: Added support for expert mode (adding, deleting, and replacing files) for iOS 10 iTunes backups.
    • Bug fix: Fixed XML exception caused by password mis-match when opening encrypted iOS 10 iTunes backups.

    Oct 11th, 2016, ricloud API c77e13b

    • New feature: HealthKit extractor V1 added.
    • Improvements: Hike extractor added.
    • Improvements: Snapchat extractor fixed for at least v9.40.1.

    Oct 6th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.3.4.1395

    • Bug fix: Fixed Error 32 for iCloud downloads which was causing iCloud backups to report missing files.
    • Bug fix: Fixed error for backups with missing files.
    • Bug fix: Improved the HTML rendering librry which should fix some crashes on Windows.

    Oct 6th, 2016, ricloud API d577b2f

    • Improvements: Data extraction improvements.
    • Bug fix: Fixed Error 32 for iCloud backup downloads.

    Oct 3rd, 2016, ricloud API 1x681c6

    • Improvements: Improved Call History data extraction from iOS 10 backups.

    Sep 2016

    Sep 30th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.3.3.1390

    • New feature: For Mac users we have added a warning message to stop large backups being overwritten.
    • Improvements: Improved the Restrictions PIN extraction from encrypted iTunes backups.
    • Improvements: Added support for newest version on Hike.
    • Bug fix: Fixed Hike message extraction.
    • Bug fix Fixed 'NullReferenceException' crash in Expert Mode.

    Sep 29th, 2016, ricloud API b0ae18f

    • Operations: A new iMessages extraction mechanism is now being used for SMS recovery.

    Sep 22nd, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.3.2.1380

    • Improvements: Improved experience for iOS 10 digital touch attachments previews.
    • Improvements: Improvements iMessages usernames extraction.
    • Improvements: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone SE are now correctly identified.
    • Improvements: Improved Man menus when viewing an iPhone connected to a computer.
    • Improvements: Improved images counter for both iTunes and iCloud backups.

    Sep 14th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.3.1.1357

    • Improvements: Improved SMS recovery for non-English messages.
    • Improvements: Improved support for messages recovery on older iOS versions.
    • Improvements: Improved support for SMS, Hike, and Line messages extraction.
    • Improvements: New look for backups loader in the Windows version.
    • Improvements: Improved filtering system for deleted messages in Windows Preview mode.
    • Improvements: Redesigned the Welcome screen for Mac.
    • Improvements: Improved the design of the Contact screen on Mac.
    • Bug fix: Fixed Viber messages extraction.

    Sep 6th, 2016, ricloud API dd58e7e

    • Improvements: Improved authentication mechanism.

    Sep 5th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.3.0.1343

    • New feature: Added support for iOS 10 digital touch attachments.
    • Improvements: Improved design on Windows.
    • Improvements: Improved SMS extractions.

    Aug 2016

    Aug 25th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.2.5.1322

    • Improvements: Improved progress bar notification on Mac.
    • Bug fix: Fixed iCloud login freeze.
    • Bug fix: Fixes for grouping SMS and WhatsApp messages.

    Aug 23rd, 2016, ricloud API 267b5e4

    • Improvements: Improved data sending on limited feeds.
    • Improvements: Improved support for WhatsApp documents extraction.
    • Bug fix: Fixed issue with group members on Kik.

    Aug 17th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.2.4.1315

    • Improvements: Improved speed in App View mode.
    • Improvements: Improved welcome screen on startup.
    • Improvements: Improved messages grouping.
    • Improvements: Redesigned scrollbars.
    • Improvements: Updated icons in App View mode.
    • Improvements: Redesigned Photo Stream and iCloud full backup.
    • Improvements: Redesigned path rename dialog on extracting data.
    • Bug fix: Fixed Photo Stream bug in free edition.

    Aug 15th, 2016, ricloud API c79367e

    • Improvements: Added available feed entries count on limited keys.
    • Improvements: Improved Kik messages extraction.

    Aug 10th, 2016, ricloud API 749b638

    • Improvements: Update to consumer login.
    • Bug fix: Quick fix of 2Fa process for API Explorer users.

    Aug 9th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.2.4.1299

    • Improvements: Improved user interface.
    • Improvements: Redeisgn for multiple sections.

    Aug 2nd, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.2.3.1266

    • Improvements: Soft-launching the new UI for our Windows application.

    Jul 2016

    Jul 26th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.1.3.1258

    • Improvements: Improved Photo Stream recovery experience for iCloud backups.
    • Improvements: Improved application launch speed.
    • Improvements: Improved SMS/messages extraction path.
    • Improvements: Improved preview for group messages extractions.
    • Improvements: Design tweaks for iPBE.
    • Bug fix: Fixed SQLite exceptions related bugs.

    Jul 26th, 2016, ricloud API 7831e57

    • New feature: Possibility of using live models with no device added.
    • Improvements: Improved support for trial keys.
    • Improvements: Improved listing for all devices registered for an account.

    Jul 20th, 2016, ricloud API f8b9a84

    • Improvements: Improved reporting for Facebook's database size.
    • Improvements: Improved admin interface for clients.

    Jul 14th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.1.2.1238

    • Improvements: Text messages and iMessages are now grouped and extracted in the same location.
    • Improvements: Improved stability for iOS 10 backups.
    • Improvements: Improved Location data count.
    • Improvements: Improved Replace File functionality in Expert Mode.
    • Improvements: SMS is now Messages in all available tabs.
    • Improvements: Additional check for the available disk space before downloading a backup file.

    Jul 11th, 2016, ricloud API adaa103

    • Improvements: Improved handling of Kik attachments.
    • Bug fix: Fixed handling of Kik usernames containing unicode characters.

    Jul 7th, 2016, ricloud API 42de0d9

    • New feature: Added support for app usage statistics on iOS 10 beta 1.
    • Improvements: Added support in Kik extractor for legacy version of the app.
    • Operations: Updated browser history extractor.
    • Operations: Updated Snapchat extractor to work with the latest version of the app.
    • Operations: Updated WeChat extractor to work with the latest version of the app.

    Jun 2016

    Jun 29th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.1.0.1177

    • Improvements: Added iOS 9 default mode for new users.
    • Improvements: iOS 9 and iOS 8 radio buttons have been swapped around.

    Jun 23rd, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.1.0.1175

    • Improvements: Improved support for iOS 10 backups on Mac.
    • Operations: Updated certificates for Windows XP and Vista.

    Jun 23rd, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.1.0.1169

    • Operations: Updated certificates for Windows 7 and up.

    Jun 22nd, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.1.0.1161

    • Improvements: Improved support for iOS 10 backups on Windows.

    Jun 22nd, 2016, ricloud API bd6bcf7

    • New feature: Added support for iOS 10 Notes.
    • Improvements: Improved counter for devices.
    • Bug fix: Minor bug fixes.

    Jun 16th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.0.0.1144

    • Improvements: Improved speed for Contacts, SMS, and WhatsApp extractions and previews loading.
    • Improvements: Improved design and clarity for subscription options.
    • Bug fix: Date of the messages and preview set to local time.

    Jun 14th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.0.0.1137

    • New feature: Added iOS 10 support.

    Jun 9th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v7.0.0.1127

    • Improvements: Improved support for upgrades.
    • Improvements: Improved Notes extraction.
    • Improvements: Improved Restrictions PIN recovery.
    • Improvements: Improved WhatsApp extraction in Preview mode.
    • Bug fix: Fixes for encrypted backups modifications.
    • Bug fix: Fixed Snapchat recovery from iCloud.

    Jun 9th, 2016, ricloud API adabec8

    • New features: Added app Usage feed module.
    • Improvements: Improved settings management.

    6th Jun, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v6.1.4.1121

    • Improvements: Improved design for the product info sections.

    Jun 2nd, 2016, ricloud fb5f8ef

    • New feature: Added WhatsApp call extraction.
    • New feature: Added Viber call extraction.
    • Improvements: Improved Kik extraction.
    • Improvements: Improved Snapchat extraction.
    • Bug fix: Fixed issue with Snapchat extraction timeout.

    May 2016

    May 26th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v6.1.4.1109

    • Improvements: Improved attachments preview and extraction for Line and Hike.
    • Improvements: Improved images extraction accuracy when selecting certain pictures in Preview mode.

    May 25th, 2016, ricloud API e7ab90d

    • New features: Added Kik username extraction.
    • New features: Added old and new SDK entrypouint on docs.
    • Bug fix: Fixed a wrong import on transaction_processor.

    May 19th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v6.1.3.1081

    • Improvements: Improved visibility of download button for Windows users.
    • Improvements: Improved SMS counter for deleted messages in Preview mode.
    • Bug fix: Fixed deleted messages issue in Preview mode.

    May 19th, 2016, ricloud API acbfa61

    • Improvements: Return group information for Kik group messages.
    • Improvements: Improved iCloud Photo Library extraction.
    • Operations: Unify documentation on all messaging apps and document optional fields.

    May 12th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor back-end release

    • New features: Added 2FA support.

    May 12th, 2016, ricloud API 9eb6f41

    • New features: Added 2FA support.

    May 11th, 2016, ricloud API 967d735

    • Improvements: Added support for older WhatsApp DB path.

    May 5th, 2016, ricloud API bee4b7f

    • Operations: Clarified docs and added more info.

    May 5th, 2016, ricloud API a981549

    • New features: Added support to delete assets from iCloud Photo Library.
    • Bug fix: Fixed issue extracting WhatsApp data.
    • Bug fix: Fixed issue with duplicated messages on SMS undeletion.

    Apr 2016

    Apr 29th, 2016, ricloud APIabbdde9

    • Improvements: Speed up SMS undeletion.
    • Improvements: New conversation_id field on WhatsApp feed.
    • Improvements: New contact and group_contacts field on WhatsApp feed.
    • Improvements: Added organisation information on contacts feed.
    • Bug fix: Fixed issues on contract extraction.
    • Bug fix: Fixed issues with WhatsApp extraction.

    Apr 28th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v6.1.1.1038

    • Improvements: Show more appropriate device images.
    • Improvements: New app icons and in Windows 10 start menu.
    • Bug fix: Some fixes for the iCloud progress bar.
    • Operations: Changes to the nag screen links.

    Apr 21st, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v6.0.4.1020

    • Bug fixes: Photo Stream download bug squished.

    Apr 20th, 2016, ricloud API 9a852a

    • New features: Added tracking for wrong device ids.
    • Bug fixes: Fixed Kik extraction for new Kik version.

    Apr 8th, 2016, ricloud API112e9dd

    • Improvements: Improvements for error logging.

    Apr 5th, 2016, ricloud API 99568fa

    • Bug fix: Fixed issues which were causing failed login attempts.
    • Bug fix: Fixed issues getting data from iOS 8 devices.

    March 2016

    Mar 30th, 2016, ricloud API 5b52e32

    • Improvements: Improved deploy script.
    • Bug fix: Fixed some issues on deactivating/activating devices and accounts.

    Mar 24th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v6.0.7.968

    • Improvements: Added attachments extractions for Notes.
    • Bug fix: Fixed WhatsApp attachments not being extracted.
    • Bug fix: Fixed issue while parsing Info.plist.

    Mar 24th, 2016, ricloud API

    • Operations: Internal storage structure changes.

    Mar 23rd, 2016, ricloud API

    • Improvements: Better handling for unverified accounts.

    Mar 22nd, 2016, ricloud API

    • Bug fixes: Fixed rate limiter issue.
    • Operations: Added better storage monitoring to NR.

    Mar 18th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v6.0.7.938

    • New featurw: Added support for Hike messenger.
    • Improvements: Added support for new Line version.
    • Improvements: Added support for new Viber version.
    • Improvements: Added deleted field to CSV when extracting messages.
    • Improvements: Ipproved icon scaling on high-DPIU screens.
    • Improvements: Changed Photo Stream download button location.
    • Improvements: Added iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 device icons.
    • Bug fix: Fixed an issue with album extraction of photos and videos.
    • Bug fix: Fixed an issue making Viber preview images show black.
    • Bug fix: Fixed counter of WhatsApp messages.
    • Bug fix: Mac Password Panel for encrypted backups moved out of the overview tab.

    Mar 17th, 2016, ricloud API a81ff42

    • Bug fix: Fixed errors retrieving Facebook feed data.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where sessions would expire sooner than expected.
    • Bug fix: Fixed error on file and feed download with concurrent sessions for the same account.

    Mar 15th, 2016, ricloud API be3c3a8

    • Improvements: Added new Cloudkit Browser History module.
    • Bug fix: Fixed issue where the entire feed could be empty if any error occurred on one of the data types.

    Mar 10th, 2016, ricloud API8b8617

    • Bug fix: Facebook fixes.
    • Bug fix: Line fixes to get data from a new path.

    Mar 7th, 2016, ricloud API 373efc18

    • Operations: Updated cache system which should fix a number of other issues.

    February 2016

    Feb 25th, 2016, ricloud API 74cfd88

    • Improvements: Added last_modified date to photos feed.
    • Improvements: Added file_path to attachments across all messaging apps.

    Feb 19th, 2016, ricloud API 9b29fea

    • Improvements: Improved API logging.
    • Bug fix: Squished bug that caused false positives on sessions expired.

    Feb 18th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v6.0.7.832

    • Improvements: Added video extraction grouped by albums.

    Feb 5th, 2016, ricloud API 788cea6

    • Bug fix: Fixed Viber exception that was thrown when extracting messages.
    • Bug fix: Fix for special characters in metadata plists after login.
    • Bug fix: Fixed race condition on /c/download-file/ and /c/download-data/.

    Feb 4th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v6.0.7.826

    • Improvements: Added album grouping for photo extraction.
    • Bug fix: Fixed Notes extraction on iOS 9.3 Beta.
    • Bug fix: Fixed SMS attachments extracted in multiple folders.

    Feb 4th, 2016, ricloud API aa7294b

    • New feature: Added authentication tokens support.
    • New feature: Added new field on Client to check if they are allowed to use the auth token API.
    • New feature: Added new field on /c/sign-in's response, with the authentication token.
    • New feature: Added new view /c/refresh-session/ to get a new session anytime from the auth token.

    Feb 2nd, 2016, ricloud API e8ab3a2

    • Improvements: Added account deactivation and reactivation.
    • Improvements: Added device deactivation and reactivation.

    January 2016

    Jan 28th, 2016, ricloud API 2666af5

    • Improvements: Added suport for iOS 9.3 iCloud backups.

    Jan 27th, 2016, ricloud API62bcab7

    • New feature: Added WeChat extraction.

    Jan 22nd, 2016. iPhone Backup Extractor v6.0.7.818

    • Improvements: Added support for iOS 9.3 beta iCloud backups.
    • Operations: Force update for all users to v6.0.7.818.

    Jan 14th, 2016. iPhone Backup Extractor v6.0.7.812

    • Bug fix: Fixed issue that duplicated voicemails many times.
    • Bug fix: Fixed issues associated with sorting treeviews
    • Bug fix: Fixed WeChat icon not available in previews
    • Operations: Added option of saving install log upon encountering problems

    Jan 13th, 2016, ricloud API a2f8aed

    • Bug fix: Fixed issue with Kik extraction.

    Jan 13th, 2016, ricloud API 70cca94

    • Improvements: Added 'id' to contact extraction.
    • Improvements: Added `store_url` and `artwork_url` to installed apps extraction.
    • Operations: Added a script to help with the deployment.
    • Operations: Added some new URLs to allow file download off-loading.
    • Operations: Moved some clients to a new cluster.

    Jan 8th, 2016, ricloud API d589444

    • New feature: Added Facebook Messenger support.
    • Improvements: Call history now has new `type` property to indicate Facetime video, Facetime audio or phone.
    • Bug Fix: Issue retrieving Line data feed fixed.
    • Operations: Added additional storage and deployed database servers.

    Jan 8th, 2016, iPhone Backup Extractor v6.0.7.793

    • Improvements: Improved CPU usage while downloading.
    • Improvements: Improved video extraction.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed WeChat repeated images extraction.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed Notes dates for iOS 9.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed failed iCloud download for SMS data.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed Session Expired issue.
    • Bug Fix: For Windows XP crash when connecting to iCloud.
    • Bug Fix: Corrected a Mac OS X Lion issue with the iPhone Backup Extractor not working.

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