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Eight years ago, founder Aidan Fitzpatrick built a file recovery app for his damaged phone, out of frustration that no other solution was available on the market. Back then, there was no Dropbox, iCloud, and the iPhone was one of the newest gadgets in the market.

That code, written over a weekend, lead to a successful app data company: Reincubate.

Today, Reincubate has received the most prestigious award in the UK, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, in the “international trade” category, acknowledging the company’s achievements and trade strategy outside Great Britain.

The Queen's Awards are given for businesses in each of the following category: international trade, innovation and sustainable development. Each entry is judged by a specialist panel that makes a recommendation to the Prime Minister's Advisory Committee. Her Majesty the Queen decides the winners, who each receive an invitation to a reception at Buckingham Palace. Previous winners for the same category include BBC and Skyscanner. The list of winners is available on the The London Gazette website.

Reincubate's team of talented data experts and engineers built the iCloud API, which enables companies and individuals access app data without the need to build or know about iOS platform specifics. The company has two flagship products:

The Reincubate Cloud Data API, which powers companies in market search, insurance, CRM, e-Discovery and compliance, parental monitoring, forensics and LEA.

The iPhone Backup Extractor, which is used by consumers, small business, law enforcement and government to access and recover backup data. It has over 6 million installs globally.

In the same way that Twilio are the cogs for telephony and messaging, Reincubate acts as the cogs for app data, dealing with “app data hell” with transparent, ethical access to data that does not reduce end-user security. The data ownership remains with its original owners, with Reincubate’s technology providing the means to readily work with it.

Fundamentally, Reincubate’s technology enables access to these sources of data which are otherwise unavailable. For the few companies that already have access, the technology serves to substantially reduce uncertainty and reduce cost of ownership around this functionality. The benefits it provide differ between industries: for market research it enables companies to provide market data for online channels without lock-in from platform owners, for insurance it reduces risk, qualifies more potential customers, and opens product development opportunities, and for parental monitoring it reduces churn and grows LTV.

Data access for all app platforms

In a world where access to data is increasingly valuable and unequal, concentrating in the hands of a small number of large technology companies, Reincubate’s work serves to democratise access to that data. The company's mission is to provide data access and recovery for all app platforms, be they mobile, desktop, web, IoT or in-vehicle.

The company is blessed to have such a great team of skilled and dedicated individuals, working together to solve great challenges over the years. Thanks to their hard work, Reincubate was the first to roll out several product innovations, including first in market data recovery support for iOS 9 and 10, and the first to add new features including 2FA and 2SV.

The iPhone Backup Extractor was recently used in the popular British reality television programme Hunted, produced by Shine TV, to aid in the hunt for the 14 onscreen fugitives.

Whilst focused and dedicated, the team at Reincubate is excited about building a fun, inspiring, getting-things-done culture. Staying still is not enough for our engineers, marketers, designers, customer and support experts, and managers. The offices are full of fruit, toys, nerf guns and extra cheers sent via Slack on a weekly basis.

TINYpulse ranks Reincubate on top 10% for employee happiness.

TINYpulse ranks Reincubate’s performance in the top 10% of companies for employee happiness, and in the top 20% for management.

“We are able to make 1st class decisions on how and what tools to use on our problems. We hold each other to task on those choices too. If something's not working we don’t just delegate and forget about it, we help one another to come at the solutions. Even if the help is in the limited form of nerf-bullets and moral support!”

David, Lead Software Engineer

Earlier in the year Reincubate also won the FSB & Worldpay Business Awards, as the best Online Business in Greater London. The company is looking forward to further evolving its technology and to supporting other platforms, from Google and Skype to IoT and perhaps self-driving cars.

The team at Reincubate love hard challenges, and are guided by the belief that passion, hard work and customer delight will help the company as a whole to achieve its long-term vision, that of providing insight into 10% of world app data.

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