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What does the DMG Extractor do?

The DMG Extractor is able to work with a wide area of Disk Image files and encrypted .dmg files as used on OS X.

Even the files are not converted to ISO or IMG files, the DMG extractor can open them in order to extract their content. Our application is fully compatible with Bzip2, Zlib, Raw and Zero block type DMG files.

You can use DMG Extractor for various purposes: to open a movie from the archive on your Windows based computer, to retrieve content of a .dmg file or to get the .IPSW restore file from an iOS Beta.

Read .dmg music and movie files on a Windows PC

The DMG Extractor reads and extracts .dmg files into Windows readable format files , such as PDF, word, txt, html and the entire multitude of Windows file formats that you are most probably aware of. To open your dmg music pack or to play a video from a DMG you simply need to open the dmg file and extract the music or movie you need. The rest should be simple, just play the music/video like you normally would but now on a Windows operating system.

Getting started

How to extract the IPSW file from iOS 7 beta DMG file on a Windows PC

If you want to test an iOS Beta on your iPhone, iPod or iPad device and you are a Windows user, you can now do that by extracting the .IPSW file from the official iOS Beta .DMG file with the help of the DMG Extractor software (it only takes seconds). All you need to do is to download the DMG Extractor and have the iOS Beta DMG at hand.

After extracting the .ipsw file out of your iOS Beta .dmg file, make note of your IPSW file that you’ll be needing to upgrade your iPhone, iPod or iPad device.

To upgrade your iDevice to the iOS Beta: open up iTunes, Click Shift and choose "Restore" and select your iOS IPSW file that you extracted with the DMG Extractor. Read more about how to upgrade your iPhone, iPod or iPad to iOS Beta.

Extract Mac OS X Mavericks Developer Preview on Windows

The OS X Mavericks Developer Preview comes in a DMG Apple archive and cannot be accessed on Windows PCs, unless you have the DMG Extractor to extract the files from the DMG archive. So, if you are a Windows user and you want to test away the OS X Developer preview you will need the DMG Extractor to extract away the Developer or the InstallESD.dmg file. Read more on how to install OS X Mavericks on Windows with virtual machine software.


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