Reincubate iCloud API Explorer

Try out Reincubate's iCloud API with this simple explorer.


This is an end-to-end example of Reincubate's iCloud API. It uses a slightly tweaked version of ricloud-js, adapted to browsers.

The workflow is simple: we introduce our API credentials, sign in to our account and then proceed to download either data feeds, or file ids.

API Credentials

The API explorer and all Reincubate's ricloud clients offer by default a set of test credentials that only allow access to list the installed apps. To get access to more data types or features, please sign up for an API key.

Sign in

First step is to login through the /c/sign-in/ endpoint

/c/sign-in/ output

Perform 2FA challenge

This account has 2FA enabled, so we'll need to use the /c/perform-2fa-challenge/ endpoint to start the 2FA challenge against one of the devices.

/c/perform-2fa-challenge/ output

Submit 2FA code

After that, we'll get the 2FA code on that device and we'll submit it to the /c/submit-2fa-challenge/ endpoint.

/c/submit-2fa-challenge/ output

Sign in after 2FA

To finish, we'll need to login again. We'll reuse the login credentials from step 1.

/c/sign-in/ output

Download feed

With the /c/download-data/ endpoint we can download data feeds from different apps.

/c/download-data/ output

Download file

With the /c/download-file/ endpoint, we can download files directly with their file ID. We can obtain these IDs from the data feeds (for example, attachments or photo ids) or use well-known file ids, like:

  • SMS DB - 3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28
  • Viber DB - b39bac0d347adfaf172527f97c3a5fa3df726a3a
  • Contacts DB - adb8c77534444e97c31ff15924d50f3ed1fbd3b1