Calls history API for iOS

Build iOS compatible solutions or integrate calls data in real-time. Access call history for incoming, outgoing and missed calls, including Facetime, Skype entries, and Viber entries for any iCloud device.

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Iphone Calls History

Calls on Apple devices

The first call ever made on an iPhone was in 2007, by Steve Jobs, during the Apple keynote event. That day also marked the beginning of a new chapter in the history of phone calling. More applications are associated with a smartphone than making calls. In fact, we spend less than 12 mins / day on average talking with someone. 

With the evolution of the iPhone, perceptions around making calls have changed, and the kind of information shared in a conversation is possibly more sensitive or personal than that over text or email. 

In 2013, 6 years later, Apple launched Facetime, which was also added to any user's call history. Starting with iOS 10, any app that uses CallKit started sending call entries to the user's general call history, making data extraction more diverse and comprehensive.

  "call_history": [
      "duration": 1.0, 
      "answered": false, 
      "from_me": true, 
      "address": "0123456789", 
      "date": "2015-05-20 16:44:40.889020", 
      "call_type": "Phone"
      "duration": 3.0, 
      "answered": false, 
      "from_me": true, 
      "address": "0123456789", 
      "date": "2015-05-26 21:04:19.382847", 
      "call_type": "FaceTime Audio"
      "duration": 55.0, 
      "answered": false, 
      "from_me": true, 
      "address": "0123456789", 
      "date": "2015-07-20 10:23:27.538011", 
      "call_type": "Phone"
      "duration": 42.0, 
      "answered": false, 
      "from_me": true, 
      "address": "0123456789", 
      "date": "2015-07-20 10:24:06.461409", 
      "call_type": "Phone"

Ristream use cases for Calls data


Call History forensics

Ristream uses advanced iOS data extraction technologies to facilitate access to deleted or historical data for investigators. Reincubate's API can be used successfully even when the device is not physically accessible. Alternatively,  iTunes or iCloud backups can be used for data extraction, if permission is granted by the account owner.


Mobile security

Ristream offers reliable, real-time access to iCloud data, including call logs, without jailbreaking the phone, and without the need to use a third party app installed on children's devices. Our API has already been used to build iOS compatible solutions in the mobile security and child monitoring industry.


Optimisation and data integration

Grab call logs in real-time and analyse human interactions, optimise customer support or communications between frontline employees and the rest of the team. A reliable stream of calls data can generate insights into frequency of inbound and outbound calls, networks of influence or direction of information flow within the organisation.

Ristream support for versions of Calls

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Calls version Release date Supported by Ristream
10.2 Beta 4 2016-11-28 Yes
10.1.1 2016-11-09 Yes
9.3.5 2016-08-25 Yes
8.4.1 2015-08-13 Yes
7.1.2 2014-06-30 Yes
6.1.6 2014-02-21 Yes
5.1.1 2012-05-07 Yes
4.2.1 2010-11-22 Yes
3.1.3 2010-02-02 Yes

Notable customers

US Dep of Justice
UK Home Office
UK Police
Swedish Police
US Army

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