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Extract, recover, and integrate WhatsApp data using ristream - the leading iCloud API powered by Reincubate. Access deleted database entries, chat content, and attachments, from all WhatsApp versions and across all Apple mobile devices.

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WhatsApp is a messaging app for mobile devices, used by roughly 1 billion users worldwide, allowing photos and video sharing, and in-app calls. Businesses use the app for marketing, customer communication and internal communications purposes, especially in areas where mobile devices are used more frequently than emails, social media or blogs. 

In 2014, WhatsApp was bought by Facebook, and reached 1 billion active users in February 2016. 

Our WhatsApp modules can provide streams of data on messages, deleted messages and calls. If your product needs to support WhatsApp, get in touch to schedule a demo with us.

  "whatsapp_messages": [
      "handle": "0123456789@s.whatsapp.net", 
      "attachments": [], 
      "text": "Hi, it's me.", 
      "date": "2016-06-17 15:29:53.573508", 
      "from_me": true, 
      "contact": null, 
      "conversation_id": 3, 
      "group_handles": null, 
      "id": 6
      "handle": "0123456789@s.whatsapp.net", 
      "attachments": [], 
      "text": "Hey there!", 
      "date": "2016-07-15 11:43:25.035354", 
      "from_me": true, 
      "contact": {
        "phone": "+0123456789", 
        "contact_id": 13002
      "conversation_id": 4, 
      "group_handles": null, 
      "id": 13
      "handle": "0123456789@s.whatsapp.net", 
      "attachments": [], 
      "text": null,
      "date": "2016-07-15 11:43:25.422725", 
      "from_me": false, 
      "contact": {
        "phone": "+0123456789", 
        "contact_id": 13002
      "conversation_id": 4, 
      "group_handles": null, 
      "id": 14
WhatsApp on Mac

Ristream use cases for WhatsApp data


Mobile security

Build products for parental control applications, without jailbreaking the iPhone. 

Ristream provides uninterrupted service across all WhatsApp versions, ensuring that your product can be trusted by parents to flag suspicious activity or innapropriate incoming, outgoing or deleted messages as they happen. Reincubate's extractor for WhatsApp retrieves chat logs, shared multimedia content and deleted messages.


Product development

Build products that support popular messaging apps, including WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, Viber and Hike. Keep up with constant changes and updates, for all iOS versions or for WhatsApp app versions, available for download from the App Store.

The ristream API is easy to integrate and customise for any desired output. Ristream provides streams of data in JSON format, powering complex product features including machine learning, data storage and mobile security.


Advanced CRM integration

Make WhatsApp generated data searchable and accessible to customer insight teams. This includes chat contents, video or photo attachments, calls and contacts. 

As the number of businesses using WhatsApp to communicate with customers increases, a CRM solution that integrates with WhatsApp can easily become an interesting proposition for large B2C companies.

Ristream support for versions of WhatsApp

If you're looking for custom API integration, schedule a discovery call instead.

WhatsApp version Release date Supported by Ristream
2.17.22 2017-05-04 Yes
2.17.21 2017-04-30 Yes
2.17.20 2017-04-21 Yes
2.17.11 2017-03-27 Yes
2.16.11 2016-09-27 Yes
2.16.10 2016-09-13 Yes
2.16.9 2016-08-15 Yes
2.16.8 2016-08-08 Yes
2.16.7 2016-07-25 Yes
2.16.6 2016-06-03 Yes

Notable customers

US Dep of Justice
UK Home Office
UK Police
Swedish Police
US Army

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Reach out and let us know how we can help. If you would like to take our API for a spin, we've published sample API clients on GitHub for Python, Node.js and .NET.

If you're looking for custom API integration, schedule a discovery call.


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