Skype API for data extraction

Use ristream to capture and integrate Skype data directly from Skype servers. Analyse streams of data to gain insight into how Skype can enable digital transformation in customer-facing departments. Build products that use Skype data in real-time, including messages, call logs, contacts and attachments.

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Skype data retrieval

Skype is a one of the world's fastest growing web and mobile app used for messages, VoIP calls, video calls and web conferences. Acquired by Microsoft in 2011, the application was integrated in both Microsoft business and consumer products, and reached 300 million active users in March 2016. 

Unlike open-source APIs, Ristream for Skype data retrieval connects directly to Skype servers, extracting chats and call logs in easily accessible formats, which caters to various applications, from content mining to data retrieval, including contacts, attachments and call logs. Our advanced JSON feeds can be easily customised to fit your needs, offering an unparalleled level of flexibility.

To date, the Reincubate API is the only one that can provide this level of access, while also keeping up with ongoing changes and updates to iOS and Skype versions.

    "skype_messages": [{
        "date": "2016-02-18 12:23:43.000000",
        "text": "Waiting for noscopeblazeit44 to accept contact request.\nResend contact request",
        "from_me": true,
        "handle": "ImprobableLemure88",
        "attachments": []
    }, {
        "date": "2016-02-18 12:23:49.000000",
        "text": "Hey",
        "from_me": true,
        "handle": "ImprobableLemure88",
        "attachments": []
    }, {
        "date": "2016-02-18 12:24:05.000000",
        "text": "It's me. Dave.",
        "from_me": true,
        "handle": "ImprobableLemure88",
        "attachments": []
    }, {
        "date": "2016-02-18 12:24:35.000000",
        "text": "...",
        "from_me": false,
        "handle": "noscopeblazeit44",
        "attachments": []
    }, {
        "date": "2016-02-18 12:24:50.000000",
        "text": "Dave who?",
        "from_me": false,
        "handle": "noscopeblazeit44",
        "attachments": []
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Ristream use cases for Skype data


Advanced CRM applications

Make Skype content searchable and accessible for customer or marketing research. Our API for Skype data retrieval provides JSON feeds that can be customised on your end, allowing our partners to build in-house applications  on top of these streams of data. Extend your reach to capture more data with ristream.


Parental control

Reincubate's API is used to build child monitoring solutions. Push notifications are enabled real-time, when suspicious  interactions or unsafe contacts are added to a Skype account. Reincubate's technology powers businesses that prevent and detect predatory behavior which usually goes undetected on individual accounts.


Centralised customer data

Skype is used by businesses worldwide to offer ongoing support to customers at the click of a button. Ristream for Skype can be used to extract customer details into one centralised database, reducing the time spent on manual input and potential human errors. 

Ristream support for versions of Skype

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Skype version Release date Supported by Ristream
6.28 2016-11-09 Yes
6.27.1 2016-10-27 Yes
6.26 2016-10-10 Yes
6.25 2016-09-28 Yes

Notable customers

US Dep of Justice
UK Home Office
UK Police
Swedish Police
US Army

Try it out

Reach out and let us know how we can help. If you would like to take our API for a spin, we've published sample API clients on GitHub for Python, Node.js and .NET.

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