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February 2nd, 2018, asrelay released

We're closing the week with a set of enhancements around timezones. As with the prior release, we're not pushing through the default auto-updater.

  • Improvement Included timezone data in the local log.
  • Improvement Included additional logging data on device list uploads.
  • Fix Assorted fixes for timezone mismatches, and the rescanning behaviour that this led to.

January 19th, 2018, asrelay released

Update 282 for asrelay includes reliability fixes to address edge-cases encountered by some end-users. It contains a known issue where the latest backup date shown in the interface may not update, and as such it is not being pushed through the default auto-updater.

  • Feature Synchronisation of all client white-label builds on the same version number whilst still being able to control remote updates client-by-client.
  • Fix Resolved over-eager detection of backup changes that was present on some macOS systems.
  • Fix Resolved under-eager detection of backup changes that was present on some systems.
  • Fix Fixed startup error affecting some installations on macOS.

December 7th, 2017, asrelay released

Today's release includes an enhancement to the white-label mechanism, providing greater visibility when supporting clients.

  • Improvement User-agent update when reporting.

November 29th, 2017, asrelay released

Today's release includes a number of important fixes.

  • Fix Reduced memory usage over time which could lead to pressure.
  • Fix Fixed crash where iTunes backup directory didn't exist.
  • Fix Fixed edge case crash with deleted backups.
  • Fix Updated terms & conditions generation and macOS installer background for white-label clients.

July 3rd, 2017, asrelay released

Our new asrelay tool has left beta, with a first public release. Thanks to our beta users for their support!

  • Feature First public release for both Windows and macOS.

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