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When they are first run, asrelay and its white-labels automatically configure themselves to run on start-up under macOS using a launch daemon. Launch daemons are not shown under “System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items”.

Consequently, if you see asrelay under “Login Items”, it is likely that it will run twice when the macOS machine logs in. The solution to this is to remove asrelay from “Login Items”. Note that removing the check from the “Login Items” box on its own isn’t enough: the item needs to be completely removed from the list.

Technical note

If you’d like to confirm that asrelay is configured with a launch daemon, the following command can be run in a Terminal window:

$ launchctl list | grep -i asrelay
31587   0

The response shown here indicates that the application is correctly installed. If no results are returned, it is not.

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