BlackBerry Converter: extract and convert IPD and BBB BlackBerry backup

Read or open BlackBerry backup data with the help of BlackBerry Backup Extractor software. If you have lost or broken your BlackBerry, our software can automatically extract the contacts, emails, memos, call history, calendar, SMS messages, tasks and other data from your BB's IPD and BBB backup file.

The BlackBerry ipd and bbb backup file converter comes in handy when you need to:

  • Recover data from an encrypted blackberry backup
  • Restore from backup fails or doesn't restore all data from the backup
  • Lost or damaged your BlackBerry
  • Lost or accidentally deleted BlackBerry contacts, emails and others from your BlackBerry phone
  • Recover data from a corrupt BlackBerry backup

When run, the application will extract all sent and received email messages cached on the device into a "Messages" folder. Saved messages will go into a "Saved Email Messages" folder. Other BlackBerry content will go into "Content Store".

Screenshot of the Blackberry converter

Blackberry Backup Extractor screenshot

You can read more about our Blackberry converter.

Free BlackBerry IPD and BBB reader download

You can download the BlackBerry IPD and BBB Backup extractor for Windows and BlackBerry IPD and BBB Backup extractor for Mac.

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