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We research & build technology to access data from apps and app platforms.


iPhone Backup Extractor

Recover lost iPhone and iPad calendar events, contacts, photos, videos, SMS, messages, notes, location data and app data from iTunes and iCloud backup files. Recovery is supported from WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Kik and more.

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Reincubate iCloud API

The Reincubate iCloud API makes the iCloud accessible to application developers, investigators and integrators. The API includes functionality for extraction, manipulation and recovery of many types of iOS data.

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Notable customers

US Dep of Justice
UK Home Office
UK Police
Swedish Police
US Army

Extracting data from iOS 9 iCloud backups

I’m proud to announce that our company, Reincubate, has scored another first: we’ve released iPhone Backup Extractor 6 with support for iOS 9 iCloud backups. Currently, even Apple don’t support accessing these.

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On the Apple Watch

I’ve spent some weeks now with some Apple Watch Sport models and with the classic Apple Watch. The Monday Note, as ever, managed to condense a lot of insight into their piece on the device, rounding up a number of other good articles.

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How did Reincubate turn into a product business?

From co-founding to building an idea into a market leading application. Today, Reincubate’s software is used by forensic and law enforcement agencies and millions of consumers world wide. Read about Reincubate’s journey through the words of our CEO, Aidan Fitzpatrick.

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