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Our software is used by forensics labs and investigators around the world, and by police forces in the UK, US, and most EU countries.

About Reincubate

Reincubate builds world class iOS and app data access and recovery technology. The company was founded in 2008 and was first to market with iOS backup extraction technology, consumer backup decryption, and more recently with enterprise iCloud support.

With six years' experience helping police forces, law firms and forensics labs access iOS data, the company can help enterprise users with:

  • iCloud access and data recovery
  • Recovery of data deleted from SQLite databases
  • Bulk iOS data recovery
  • Forensic examination of iOS data
  • Passcode, password and keybag analysis
  • Custom iOS app data extraction
  • Advanced PList, TypedStream and Mbdb manipulation

As well as providing enterprise solutions, the company has a range of popular desktop applications including the iPhone Backup Extractor and awdit. Reincubate has licensed software to an impressive array of law enforcement, government and security organisations in the US and internationally, and to corporations as large as Microsoft, Apple and IBM.

You can follow Reincubate on Twitter and Facebook. The company has offices in London and Bucharest.

The company recently won a place in the Smarta 100 “most brilliant small businesses in the UK”, and you can read more about how the company started.

Notable customers

US federal law enforcement & forces

Department of Justice

Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center

LA District Attorney

US Marines

US Army

British government & security


the FSA

the Home Office

Nottinghamshire Police

Bedfordshire Police

International federal police & security

Brazilian Federal Police

Abu Dhabi Police GHQ

Rikspolisstyrelsen (Swedish National Police)

KNAB (Latvian anti-corruption)

New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs

Meet the team

Aidan Fitzpatrick

Aidan Fitzpatrick

Along the way, Aidan has founded, funded or been CTO at a number of ecommerce and technology businesses. He was previously the IT Director of Wiggle, and a member of the management team which sold the company to Bridgepoint, earning investors a 15x return. Prior to that, Aidan was CTO at Confetti (sold to Findel PLC), at Artspages (exited to Phonofile AS), and was European Development Manager at CNET (now CBS).

Aidan has an enduring passion for bringing web and software products to market, and has retained the engineering and operational skills he started his career with.

Andrew Dancy

Andrew Dancy

After a number of years in web development for Granada and ITV Andrew moved into IT management, first as the IT Manager for Lovetts plc and more recently as IT & Operations Manager for Wiggle.

Andrew has also founded or worked with a number of startups over the years both as a result of involvement with the Launch48 startup programme and independently. Andrew brings knowledge and experience from his work in the legal, charitable, startup and e-commerce sectors working for all sizes of companies from one man bands to FTSE corporations.

Andy Coles

Andy Coles

Andy has 15 years of Internet and IT experience from his first job as a web developer in the dot com boom, to building and running technical teams that survived well beyond it. With a broad range of skills and business understanding from his experience it was only a matter of time until he was asked to enter the world of marketing. Andy holds a BSc Hons degree in Business Information Systems from Anglia Ruskin University.

Alexandra Mălureanu

Alexandra Malureanu

Alexandra has marketing and communications experience, holding a Masters degree in Communications and having started and run her own translation company. Alexandra brings fresh ideas and marketing strategies to the company, and uses her passion for branding to support a strong identity for our products.

Livia Stroie

Livia Stroie

Livia is an online communication specialist with over 3 years' experience in new media. She has a bachelor's degree in Communication and is dedicated to helping Reincubate's customers. Livia is also assisting Reincubate with development and marketing.

Paul Lupascu

Paul Lupascu

Paul assists Reincubate's customers with answers to their questions and issues. He has more than one year's experience in Customer Service and he is probably the first person the customer gets in touch with when they have a question about Reincubate's products.

Ben Emery

Ben Emery

Ben has turned his back on his Physics Degree and is instead focused on mastering numerous modern technologies. A short period within a corporate environment was enough to convince him that Reincubate was an ideal fit and he now develops many of the products we produce.

David Higgins

David Higgins

David joined Reincubate having spent over 4 years as a PhD student in Plasma Physics. Software development has always been a passion for him, spending most of his time at university writing plasma fluid dynamics simulations; he now turns his enthusiasm toward developing many of Reincubate's applications.

Gabriel Taudor

Gabriel Taudor

Gabriel is a self taught graphic designer, responsible with turning great ideas into awesome designs. He has a strong design background, developed in almost 10 years in the field. He is always trying to come up with solutions that form perfect harmonies between form and function while maintaining the highest levels of aesthetic standard.

Andreas Pedersen

Andreas Pedersen

Andreas has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. His speciality lies in the design of highly readable and maintainable code. For the past year he has been the primary maintainer of one of the largest Open Source projects, which is used every day by thousands of developers worldwide. In the past he has dedicated much of his spare time to working as a volunteer with multiple charities and NGO's, among them the Red Cross Youth. Andreas aims to contribute to Reincubate by ensuring that the current growth is sustainable in the long run.

Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian joined Reincubate after finishing his degree in Computer Science from the University of Alicante in Spain. As a kid he spent most of his time messing with any device he could get his hands on (disassembling them mostly) but 5 years ago he discovered that Software Development was a passion for him. Since then he has been playing with any modern technology he hears about and developing some of Reincubate's applications.

Sebastian Dragomir

Sebastian Dragomir

Sebastian is an accomplished coder, having participated in numerous programming competitions on TopCoder, where he maintains an impressive win ratio. He holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and he moved to London to pursue a full-time career in software development.

Daniela Patta

Daniela Patta

Daniela provides weekly and on demand management accounts with the aim of keeping the team informed on the company's financial performances and is responsible for the daily bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, invoices and purchase orders processing. She is a CIMA candidate and holds a Master's degree (Hons) in Economics and Management from the Third University of Rome.

Marcello Dalponte

Marcello Dalponte

Marcello got his master degree in Computer Science at the University of Torino in Italy. After his thesis on complex networks he started working at Polytechnic of Torino as a developer and then moved to London to join a modern and young environment like Reincubate. He loves learning new tools and coding stuff that's why he attended to the Torino Coding Society talks when he was in Turin and he's looking for something similar in London.

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