iPhone Backup Extractor: extract iPhone data from iTunes backups

The iPhone Backup Extractor is an easy-to-use software application that extracts files from any iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iOS iTunes backup. If you have a corrupted backup, lost or broken iPhone our application can help access contacts, calendars, AppStore applications files, SMS histories, photos, videos and other data that might otherwise be inaccessible. Encrypted backup support is now available, and is fully functioning in our Professional version.

  • Recover iPhone contacts
  • Recover iPhone photos
  • Recover iPhone notes
  • Recover iPhone SMS histories
  • Recover other lost iPhone data

iPhone Backup Extractor - Windows

iPhone Backup Extractor - Mac OX and Linux

iPhone Backup Extract is useful when:

  • You've lost your iPhone
  • Your iPhone has gone into recovery mode and needs a reset
  • You've lost some of the data from your iPhone following an iOS upgrade or sync
  • You want to see what's in your iPhone backup
  • You want to recover data from your encrypted iTunes backup

Registered users enjoy a number of benefits including faster recovery, recovery of multiple files at a time, and automatic export to CSV and VCard formats for easy import into Outlook, Gmail, etc. Business users must register.

iPhone Backup Extractor screenshots

Need support?

If you have a corrupt backup, an encrypted backup or can't get it to work, email us and we might be able to help. If you're an iPhone developer, we can customise the application to help your testing. We're helping a number a number of developers this way already.

System requirements

The extractor works with encrypted backups but for security reasons, when dealing with encrypted backups, you must know the iTunes backup password and the application must validate it's correct.

The iPhone Backup Extractor will run on any Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer, or on Linux or OS X computers. On Windows it requires the .NET 2 framework (almost always already installed) and on Linux or OS X it requires Mono (free download). Users of Ubuntu Intrepid or Jaunty should find the application works with stock Mono packages. Mono users can run the application in a terminal, with mono iPhoneBackupExtractor.exe.

How can I put extracted files back on my iPhone?

It depends what the files are and on your level of technical ability. We can't vouch for any of these applications or methods working. If you know any neat tricks, let us know. In order of likely easiest:

  1. Load it into Outlook, iTunes etc. and sync with your iPhone
  2. Install a third-party piece of sync software like Syphone (Mac only)
  3. Install a Wifi "shared drive" app (AirShare, DataCase, etc.) on the iPhone and try to replace the files directly
  4. Jailbreak the iPhone and manually replace the files with SCP
  5. Jailbreak the iPhone, SSH in and manually update the databases with SQLite once in
  6. Save your old iTunes backup somewhere, get iTunes to take a new backup of your upgraded phone, then patch the new backup with files from the old backup and restore the new backup onto the phone (you'd need to hack the checksums manifest file to make this work which is fiddly but theoretically possible)

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