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iPhone Backup Extractor

Recover lost iPhone and iPad calendar events, contacts, photos, videos, SMS, messages, notes, location data and app data from iTunes and iCloud backup files. Recovery is supported from WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Kik and more.

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Reincubate iCloud API

The Reincubate iCloud API makes the iCloud accessible to application developers, investigators and integrators. The API includes functionality for extraction, manipulation and recovery of many types of iOS data.

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Notable customers

US Dep of Justice
UK Home Office
UK Police
Swedish Police
US Army

iOS 10.2 encryption feature fully supported

A significant security flaw which affected local iPhone backups was detected and removed within 2 weeks. The fix was introduced in iOS 10.1 back in October.

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App data in insurance: Admiral & Facebook

Yesterday began with news of British insurance company Admiral’s move to enhance their insurance pricing using app data collected from the Facebook platform. Within three hours of the service’s launch, Facebook had turned around and blocked the scheme. The principle at stake here isn't whether an insurance company can use this data, but whether the it is individuals or Facebook who can control how it is used.

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Reincubate’s iCloud API and iPhone Backup Extractor recover iOS 10 iCloud backup data

We are pleased to write that through our extensive research and preparatory work, we've shipped updates to the API today to fully support the iOS 10 developer release. There are no client-side changes that you will need to make for this.

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