About Reincubate

Reincubate researches & builds technology for accessing app data.

Our APIs for iCloud, iOS, and other mobile devices serve parental monitoring, market research, insurance and innovative product companies. We serve consumers, small businesses and law enforcement with the iPhone Backup Extractor.

The company was founded in London, England in 2008 by Aidan Fitzpatrick, after he built the world's first tool for iOS data recovery. Later, the company released the world's first API for iCloud data.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ honoured Reincubate with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, the most prestigious British business award. In addition, TrustPilot users have placed Reincubate in the country's top 10 most loved software companies, rating our software a near-perfect 9.8 out of 10.

Reincubate’s mission is to democratise access to app data, so individuals and companies can do more with their own data on a transparent and ethical basis. Our vision is to help 10% of the world create value with their own data.


Our core values

The company is run according to a set of guiding values and principles.

Our position on privacy and data

We occupy a privileged space within the app and data ecosystems, and we feel it is important to be respectful of that, and to explain our philosphy.


We act as a conduit to help organisations access data on a consent-based or otherwise legal basis. We work with those organisations to help them provide transparency and clarity on how end-user data is processed. We want to help people build positive products with our technology; we do not support fraud, invasion of privacy, or anonymity of access.

Data ownership

We do not own the data that we enable access to, and we take our position seriously with regard to end-user data. Our position is to minimise retention of any data that flows through our services. Being based in the UK, we are subject to some of the world's most stringent data protection regimes.


Our systems are designed to not diminish the security of the underlying app platforms. We support and encourage the use of two-factor authentication and tokenisation.

Respect for platform providers and LEA

We play a supportive and respectful role with platform providers such as Apple and Google, whose ecosystems we work with. We work with and are supportive of law enforcement agencies and forensics units. In the dispute between those in favour of encrypting all data, and those in favour of a back door, we see our technology as providing a third way: supporting the former without necessitating the latter.

Meet the management team

Aidan Fitzpatrick

Founder, CEO
Andrew Dancy

Co-founder, CFO
Andy Coles


Our offices

Reincubate's office is adjacent to the world-famous Tower Bridge and the 1,000 year old Tower of London.

Reincubate Ltd.

5th Floor, 1 St. Katharine's Way,

London, E1W 1UN, England

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