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Recent releases

We update the Reincubate products regularly by releasing new features, improvements, bug fixes, fresh documentation and more. Here's an account of what we've recently done.

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Factors in securing app and cloud data

Mechanisms to protect app and cloud data take a number of forms, and Apple’s track record of implementing them has been good. This article examines a number of the techniques that Apple — and the team at Reincubate — have been using.

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iCloud security in 2017: what comes next?

Reincubate helps companies and individuals build value with their own data in an ethical and transparent manner, and as such it is important that the underlying data and platforms are themselves secure. Aside from some of the broader cloud security elements, there are four key trends and areas of positive change for the iCloud in early 2017.

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App data in insurance: Admiral & Facebook

Yesterday began with news of British insurance company Admiral’s move to enhance their insurance pricing using app data collected from the Facebook platform. Within three hours of the service’s launch, Facebook had turned around and blocked the scheme. The principle at stake here isn't whether an insurance company can use this data, but whether the it is individuals or Facebook who can control how it is used.

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