Dynamic server weights with HAProxy

Aidan Fitzpatrick
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Aidan Fitzpatrick by Aidan Fitzpatrick

Hi, I'm Aidan. I founded Reincubate, and I'm on a mission to democratise app data. I'm an occasional investor and an active EO member. Reach out: you can catch me at @afit.

In a break from my usual pieces about product and entrepreneurship, I'm writing about a set of scripts we published earlier.

haproxy-dynamic-weight is a tool which can dynamically and automatically allocate work across HAProxied servers to get the most from them. We use this at Reincubate to reduce load on virtual servers when they're suffering from abnormal CPU steal.

We built this tool after finding that there wasn't an Open Source solution out there to do what we needed. We've made them freely available under the GPL and published them on GitHub. Happy hacking, and I hope they're useful!

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