Reincubate iCloud API

Powerful RESTful iCloud & CloudKit access for application developers, investigators and integrators.

What is ricloud?

The Reincubate Cloud Data API makes app data readily accessible to developers, integrators and investigators. It provides functionality for extraction, manipulation and recovery of many types of iOS and app data, as well as data from a number of other platforms. The iCloud service layer fully supports iOS 11, 10 and 9 CloudKit-based iCloud backups, and backups created with A11 chipsets. It can provide real-time iCloud data for a number of data types, and supports undeletion of content which has been previously erased from the iCloud.

What is the Reincubate iCloud API used for?

Clients put the API to a number of uses, including:



Connecting corporations with data on their device inventories


CRM and point-of-sale (POS) integration

Connecting stores and sales teams with data on their clients calls and messages.


Parental monitoring

Allowing parents to safeguard their children's online activity.


Law enforcement and forensics

Allowing law enforcement and security agents to access information on devices and accounts of interest.

"Reincubate has been a fabulous technology partner for uKnow. We performed an exhaustive research process to figure out how we could better serve our Apple customers, and after talking to dozens of industry insiders and technology companies around the globe, we were convinced that Reincubate was the right team to help us.

They have been super responsive to our needs, and as the market's “table stakes” features have expanded, Reincubate has responded by constantly improving and expanding their technology solutions to help us meet those increased customer demands. We are super pleased with our decision to partner with Reincubate!”

Steve Woda
CEO, uKnowKids

The Reincubate iCloud API works with

Reincubate's Cloud Data API has modules to support dozens of third party apps. Here are some of them:

The Reincubate team have some of the best customer service we've ever come across in this business. The speed at which they have solved our problems is astounding, even with our antipodean locale! As for the iCloud API -- it just works! The team is so clearly dedicated to making sure it does!

Sam Ritchie
Many Hats Enterprises

Learn more or try it out

Reach out and let us know how we can help. If you would like to take our API for a spin, we've published sample API clients on GitHub for Python, Node.js and .NET.


Who uses ricloud, and is it secure?

The API is hosted, delivered and developed in the UK and US by Reincubate, makers of the first iOS data extraction product, the iPhone Backup Extractor. The company is subject to stringent UK data protection legislation, and is compliant with EU and US Safe Harbor regulations. Reincubate are trusted by security, LEA and government users around the world.

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