App data access and recovery

We help individuals and companies create value with deep access to their own iOS and app data with our developer API and consumer tools.

Integrations and feeds of dozens of app data types, supported & maintained across every iOS and app version

Reincubate has been leading the world in iOS and app data access and recovery since 2008. Clients include law enforcement, government and security organisations in the US and international, and to corporations as large as Microsoft and IBM.

  • App data for Apple Watch Apple Watch

    Tools for consumers and developers to extract and work with Apple Watch data.

  • App data for Goodreader Goodreader

    Recover lost Goodreader data following the iOS 11 upgrade.

  • App data for HiFolder HiFolder

    Recover lost HiFolder data following the iOS 11 upgrade.

  • App data for iOS Messages & iMessage iOS Messages & iMessage

    Access SMS and iMessage data with our consumer and developer tools.

  • App data for Notebooks 6 Notebooks 6

    Recover lost Notebooks 6 data following the iOS 11 upgrade.

  • App data for Safari Safari

    Real-time browser history data for digital forensics, compliance and parental monitoring, for both iOS and macOS.

  • App data for Skype Skype

    Build products that use Skype data in real-time, including messages, call logs, contacts and attachments.

  • App data for St@sh St@sh

    Recover lost St@sh data following the iOS 11 upgrade.

  • App data for GDPR GDPR

    Reincubate's technology can help with your GDPR Data Portability requirements

  • App data for HiDisk Pro HiDisk Pro

    If you find yourself with lost data from the HiDisk Pro app after upgrading to iOS 11, please contact our support team using the contact information below. So long as it is present in your backup, we will be able to assist you in recovering this data with the iPhone Backup Extractor.

  • App data for iOS Call history iOS Call history

    Access for developers to full iOS and macOS call history, for all CallKit-compliant apps, including regular calls, FaceTime, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and more.

  • App data for iReconcile iReconcile

    Recover lost iReconcile data following the iOS 11 upgrade.

  • App data for Pic Lock 3 Pic Lock 3

    Recover lost Pic Lock 3 data following the iOS 11 upgrade.

  • App data for SafeNote SafeNote

    Recover lost SafeNote data following the iOS 11 upgrade.

  • App data for Snapchat Snapchat

    Extract chat messages and stories from Snapchat. Build parental control or analytics dashboards on top with ricloud to integrate Snapchat data.

  • App data for WhatsApp WhatsApp

    Access deleted messages, chat content, and attachments, from all WhatsApp versions and all iOS versions.
    Extract, recover, and integrate WhatsApp data.

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The Reincubate team have some of the best customer service we've ever come across in this business. The speed at which they have solved our problems is astounding, even with our antipodean locale! As for the the iCloud API -- it just works! The team is so clearly dedicated to making sure it does!

Sam Ritchie
Many Hats Enterprises

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