Take GDPR compliance off your to-do list

Reincubate makes data protection look easy.
Let us handle GDPR compliance for you.

Let us make GDPR easy for you

Sure, you could start fixing your entire infrastructure today. We have, on the other hand, built this technology over 8 years. 

Partner with a GDPR compliant tech company instead. It's really tough to do it on your own.

           + Get data portability ticked off your list
           + Integrate our API in just a few days
           + Automate data processing tracking
           + Get ready for GDPR before anyone

We've gone through the 300 page long GDPR directive. We can make this transition easier for you.


What we do

Hands-on GDPR approach. We love building code that is 100% compliant and helps you succeed. 

Here are your options.

data brokerage

Data portability

Reincubate's proprietary technology facilitates data transfer and access at any time, for any customer. This is called data portability, which is one of the most important aspects of GDPR compliance.

Book a meeting with us, and let us help you with all data portability issues. Less pain, less time, no in-house expertise needed.


Data access

To prove GDPR compliance, your business needs access only data that is relevant. For example, if only multimedia files are needed, then the company must ensure that it does not access and stores more information about the user than needed to fulfil a data processing task.

Reincubate's technology provides access to data that is hard to get, and the API can be programmed to only fetch individual files, with user consent in place, not the entire data backup. Get in touch to learn more what that means.


Data sovereignty

Reincubate's API is designed to enable consent-based access to user data. The technology can be implemented at any point, making the transition to GDPR compliance easier from a technological perspective. 

Ask us how data ownership challenges are solved with our framework.


Move fast. Book a meeting with us.

Data privacy compliance is serious business, and confidence is key to being able to meet the one year deadline. We help our partners navigate the technological landscape required for GDPR compliant processes. 

With over 8 years experience with Cloud technologies, the engineering and business development team can provide an analysis of your current data options, and guide you through integrating GDPR-ready data APIs:

  • learn how to use our technology to record every data access process
  • ensure data portability is possible without building an in-house solution
  • save time and money on your GDPR compliance journey.

Get in touch with us.